Road Safety

Always keep left and be in the slow lane while driving slowly.  Make sure you use indicators and hand signals while switching between lanes. Maintain a steady speed, be cautious, maintain adequate distance in the front keeping the braking distance in mind.

Driving in India requires you to have following documents in the vehicle:

Driving License

Registration Certificate

Pollution Certificate

Valid Insurance

The above documents has to be shown to concerned Govt authority / Traffic police either in physical form or via digital form (Digi Wallet, Parivahan apps etc)

Make sure the road is not narrow. You can only overtake a vehicle in your front when there is an ample space for you to pass leaving adequate space for unplanned deviation. Remember the speed of your vehicle and the vehicle beside, judge and then take action.

No. Always use the Hazard light when the vehicle is parked and when you notice an accident around you. This is to signal other road users about the hazard which needs attention.

No. Any mobile phones or handheld devices are strictly prohibited while driving your vehicle.

The maximum load to carry is specified in the certificate of registration of your vehicle. Please note you may also not extend the load crossing the width, height or length of the vehicle as specified in the RC (Registration Certificate)

It is recommended all the passengers including the driver to wear seat belts while driving. Wearing a seat belt protects your life in a big way. Seat belt usage reduces the impact from any accident/collision. Also helps in safe deployment of air bags during an untoward incident.

In the situation of merging roads, the vehicle passing in the wider road has the right of way. In the case of two equal roads merging, the vehicle in the right side of the road gets ‘right of the way’.

The vehicles front headlamp in “High beam” mode should not be used inappropriately. Avoid using high beam in well lit-roads, use it only when needed in dark situations when there are less vehicles around. Use High beam carefully only when necessary as it temporarily blinds other motorists in the opposite lane.

Yes. Driving a vehicle in public roads requires you to display a valid registration number plate. Also the number plate should not contain any fancy symbols or marks.