Popular Cars and Bikes in India

Popular Cars in India

These are some of the popular cars which people are preferring. The cars will be listed based on the popularity.

The cars can be classified based on the body size:

  • Micro Cars (Like Tata Nano)
  • Hatchbacks ( Small Cars)
  • Sedans
  • SUVs ( Sports Utility Vehicle)
  • Compact SUVs
  • MUVs ( Multipurpose Utility Vehicle )
  • Luxury Cars

Cars can also be classified based on the type of fuel used:

  • Petrol Cars
  • Diesel Cars
  • Electric Cars
  • Hybrid Cars

With  the advancement in technology, cars can be classified based on the transmission

  • Manual Cars ( Which has gearbox and can be operated through Clutch )
  • Automatic or AMT Cars

Check out some of the popular cars in India.

Popular Bikes in India

Popular bikes that are liked by people. These bikes are listed based on popularity.

Bikes can be largely classified into:

  • Gearless
  • With Gear

The Gearless bikes are getting very common these –  All scooters are gearless and all motorcycles comes with gears. We can also group the bikes as:

  • Scooters
  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds ( TVS XL, etc)

Motorcycles and Scooters can  also be classified based on the engine capacity.  Commonly, you can find bikes with following engine capacity:

  • 100cc bikes
  • 110cc bikes
  • 125cc bikes
  • 150cc bikes
  • 160cc bikes
  • 200cc bikes
  • 250cc bikes
  • 300cc bikes
  • 500cc bikes

As the engine capacity increases the power delivered by bike increases. The scooters and entry level motorcycles have 100cc or 125cc engines. Where are the performance bikes ( motorcycles ) are above 200cc Engines.

As India is away from petrol reservoirs, the fuel price is expensive here when compared to western countries. So people are more conscious about the mileage delivered by bike/car. The maximum amount of Kms driven per litre of petrol/diesel is better for a commuter in terms of spending money.

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