My First Gaadi My Buddy Chandu

My First Gaadi

Memories of My First Gaadi

I guess I was 6 when dad taught me cycling that’s among many things I owe to dad. It was his way of making me strong. Take me on the top of a small hill and leave me from there promising he will hold me.

Once I start it’s just me screaming with my buddy and the break never worked!! Thats when I experienced my first adrenaline gush. Wounds have gone but I still have those scars.. My first experiential learning..

Then started my relationship with him. Oh forgot to mention he was my grandpa’s gift. I had named him Chandu. His color was blue my favorite color he had a basket in the front and was so damn stylish.. He used to be their with me all time right from taking me to school, to sports, roaming around. Indeed he was my first love:-) Donno how he became a part of my life.

I was the heroine and he my hero..My sis also used to ride him, only sometimes..Still remember we had a ride back home I was sitting back and she was riding she made him jump on a hump making me fall. I was all on the road with my leg bleeding and laughing at my sister.

My brother had once hit a police vehicle with him and again a big mess. Anyways it got solved as always..

Then started my college he was still my companion those guys used to tease me on my way. I got to meet one guy in that group a few months back he still remember’s me and my chandu!! After almost after 10 years..

We have had lots of good time together the romantic song in the rain, gossiping with my friends on the way back home along with him listening my lessons..I still love him just that he has gone old.. My buddy my Chandu..

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Author: Akshatha Belludi

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