Indizel – A New Bio-fuel launched in India

Indizel Bio-fuel launched in India

Indizel bio-fuel launched in India

Indizel is the unique cleanliest diesel fuel introduced in the Indian Market which meets European (EN 590 EURO 6 ) , and BIS ( IS 1460 ) Bharat stage VI strictest fuel quality parameters collating with World Wide Fuel Charter ( WWFC – Worldwide Fuel Charter ), category 4 requirements. My Eco Energy is all set to establish its foothold in the Indian Fuel Industry with the launch of their all-new revolutionary product INDIZEL. This new non-petroleum based fuel is a superior quality bio-fuel engineered to maximize diesel engine performance and is fit for use with existing infrastructure, distribution systems and engines. Unlike other available market diesel(s) INDIZEL has excellent lubricity in all driving conditions and exceeds other diesel lubricity by a 100%! This sulfur-free, aromatics-free and virtually odorless fuel can achieve up to 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum diesel, making it the next big thing in the Indian fuel industry.

At a time when fuel prices are sky-high and global-warming has reached an alarming level, INDIZEL will not only help curb the fuel expenditure, but also solve some of today’s most pressing environmental concerns. This long-lasting fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently, and also supports superior combustion, which delivers higher power (pickup) and torque for your engine as well as reduction in engine vibrations and noise. Delivering high engine efficiency, INDIZEL stays liquid up to -41 degrees making it usable even in extremely cold temperatures. This higher quality diesel reduces carbon dioxide emissions upto 90 per cent and produces higher quality diesel that allows vehicles to run on 100 per cent renewable fuel. It will help achieve up to 18% reduction on transport fuel cost through a combination of lower price, higher KMPL (kilometers per liter) as well as reduction in engine wear and tear!

Commenting on this revolutionary sustainable bio-fuel, Mr. Santosh Verma – Co-founder of My Eco Energy said,

We are proud to announce the launch of this ultra-low carbon fuel, INDIZEL. It is the best alternative to other market available diesel in all aspects and surpasses stringent automotive fuel quality standards, making it fully compatible with existing fuel infrastructure, distribution systems and engines. This high-quality fuel is also extremely environment-friendly as its fuel efficiency helps lower emissions. It will revolutionalise the Indian fuel industry as it will be priced lower at all times than petroleum diesel, thereby making it very pocket-friendly. So, we are looking forward to launch this product and do our best in the betterment of our environment by moving towards a cleaner fuel.

My Eco Energy (MEE) is one of the most advanced technology companies in India and is involved in production; manufacturing and distribution of INDIZEL based on modular and standardized manufacturing approach. With massive expansion plan and innovation driven business model, this company is all set to help create high quality jobs and employment opportunities. Also, this initiative will bring value to the industry and communities, and provide the much-needed respite for environmental concern.

My Eco Energy is fully automated in the state of the art supply chain and distribution network. The company adheres to high amount of quality control and has ensured the right automation to avoid malpractice and pilferages.

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