Mercedes-Benz Statement on BS4 Implementation in India


Mercedes-Benz Statement on BS4 Implementation in India

“Mercedes-Benz India congratulates the Government for implementing the much required BS4 norms across the country. We believe it is a positive step and the right build-up towards the promised implementation of the BS4 norms by 2020. With the given emission roadmap, we underline that the introduction and adaptation to the BS VI norms is the only viable option for the entire auto industry. In case of stricter emission standards,


Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe

Mercedes AMG C43 Coupe

Mercedes-Benz India is ready to offer the EU 6 Diesel models that are already in use in Europe, subject to the availability of compatible fuel quality across the country. This will be crucial for the introduction of our very low emission clean Diesel vehicles in the Indian market. We are hopeful that the introduction of BS VI norms will be implemented by 2020 in the same spirit and commitment shown by the Government. For future changes, we hope any ambiguity related to the implementation of BS VI norms shall be clarified within the required timeframe, for the successful introduction of BS VI norms, which will be financially and technically more challenging. This however, will be the most defining step towards addressing vehicular emission and providing latest technology.

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In the other news, Bike manufacturers offered heavy discounts to clear BS3 bike inventories as BS4 bikes can only be sold from 1 Apri 1 2017.

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