OK Play launches a wide-range of Multiple Usage E-Vehicles


OK Play launches a wide-range of Multiple Usage E-Vehicles

In line with Indian Government’s objective to transform India into a 100% E-mobility nation by 2030, OK Play has launched a huge range of E-Vehicles comprising of Electric – Two Wheelers and Passenger and Commercial Vehicles on a three wheeled platform.

These 100% indigenously designed, developed and manufactured in IndiaElectric-Vehicles are both noise and air pollution free and will be the company’s contribution to our Prime Minister’s initiatives of Make in India, Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Clean Energy, E-Transportation and Employment generation schemes.

The products being launched are – E-Rickshaws, E-Vending Carts, E-Mobile Shops, E-Loaders, E-Garbage Collectors, E-School Buses and E-Scooters.

OK Play India Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Rajan Handa said,

With our Government’scommitment of making India a 100% E Mobility country by 2030 and the introduction of programs like FAME (faster adoption and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicles in India) and NEMMP (national electric mobility mission plan), the electric vehicle market is poised for quantum growth. These vehicles are our company’s humble contribution in not only providing opportunities for honourable employment but also ensuring a cleaner environment for our future generations.


Utilities and USPs of newly launched products:

Talking on the USPs of the newly launched OK Play E-Vehicles, Mr. Rajan Handa, said

Based on the market and user feedback, we have made several technical modifications and improvements in our first offering- the “E Raaja” making it the most technically advanced and robust E rickshaw in the market.

Understanding the needs of the market, OK Play has designed, developed and manufactured a range of electric vehicles meant for different applications. Amongst others these include:

1. E Loaders- meant to carry loads upto 350 kgs.

2. E Vending Carts- to cater to a host of applications like vending vegetables and fruits to products of daily use, from a mobile noodle dispenser to a Chat Papri vendor etc.

3. E Shops- a unique concept to take the shop to the customer. This addresses the issue of beating the traffic and still be able to get the desired products in the comfort of the consumers vicinity while being able to get the touch and feel of what you are buying. Thus this is the perfect mix between the conventional shops in the markets and the E commerce companies.


4. E- Garbage Collectors- in line with our respected PM’s clean India program- Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, the Government plans to install hundreds of thousands of litter bins across all Munincipal Corporations in the country. One of the biggest challenges in the successful implementation of this mega project would be the timely removal of garbage from the litter bins. Since most of the litter bins would be in highly congested areas, the solution is to be able to use an easily manouverable, pollution free and low maintainance and running cost vehicle. Thus the develoment of our E Garbage Collector which would not only be able to access the congested areas but be able to transfer the garbage effortlessly, into the compactors standing on the main roads, by way of a built in hydraulic system without any pollution and at negligble cost.

5. E- School Bus- With the increasing concept of starting education when a child is 3 years old has resulted in the mushrooming of pre schools. Commuting the short distances by our tiny tots is a huge challange and several unsafe, uncomfortable and unhygenic options are currently being employed for the to and fro transport of the young children. To address this issue, OK Play has brought out the E School Bus, a safe, comfortable and economical option in place of the conventional three wheelers and manual rickshaws.

6. E- Two Wheelers- India is today a country which produces over 16 Million two wheelers on an annual basis for captive consumption. These, in turn, are the biggest contributors to air pollution while making a huge dent on our foreign exchange reserves due to the huge consumption of fuel. Several countries have shifted to E Two Wheelers and China is one example of the same. OK Play is introducing 6 models of E Two Whelers initially to cater to different user profiles- school/ college going students, factory workers, office staff etc.


The manufacturing capacities created for these vehicles

Elaborating on the manufacturing capabilities, Mr. Handa said- OK Play has partnered with like minded companies across the country who will be producing these electric vehicles in their exclusive facilities set up for this purpose. OK Play provides all the technical details and training to the partners engineers and also takes on the role of Strategic Sourcing of the components. A back to back ERP system has been developed to monitor all the functons. A detailed quality system is in place and followed meticously to ensure quality production at all plants. As of now we have partner factories in Kolkatta, Guhawati, Ahmednagar, Surat, Ranipet and Kurukshetra. Four more are in the process of being set up. Each facility can produce 1000 vehicles per month on a single shift basis. Thus we will soon be having capacities to deliver upto 20000 vehicles per month across the country. When required, ramp up can be done rapidly as our partners have the necessary resources and expertise for the same.

Proposal to market these vehicles:

Sharing the marketing plans Mr. Handa said

These vehicles have two distinct markets- BtoC and BtoB. For addressing the BtoC market, OK Play is in the process of setting up a nationwide distribution and dealer network. These partners will be supported by OK Play professionals both from the marketing and servicing fields. Distributors in the States of West Bengal, North Eastern States, Andra Pradesh, Odhisa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi have already been appointed and the company is in advanced stages of finalisation in the remaining States. These distributors, in turn, have developed a network of dealers and sub dealers to ensure extensive penetration of the market. The company has a policy of having exclusive showrooms for its range of products and suitably trains the personnel of the dealers also. For the BtoB segment, the company has set up its own marketing and sales team and is in the process of evolving suitable strategies to exploit this huge market.

Mr Handa further said that the company’s valuable customers will be supported with after sales service through its dealer’s network and authorized service centers having stock of genuine spare parts supported by a team of company trained man power.

With OK Play’s air and noise pollution-free Green E-Vehicles, we are moving further ahead with our vision of providing environment-friendly complete transport solutions in order to boost passenger safety, convenience and in making India a pollution free country

added Mr. Handa.

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