Useful Bike accessories under Rs 1000

Useful Bike accessories under Rs 1000

Today we are listing top bike/motorcycle accessories that are priced under 1000 INR. While you have spent significant amount of budget in buying the bike, what stops you from buying some cool bike utilities / accessories ?

Some of the accessories like riding boots, gloves and helmets are quite essential in regards to safety. The listing here shows the useful accessories that are priced less than 1000 INR.

Riding glasses

X400 Motorcycle Glasses or Goggles

Any sunglasses is important whenever you are doing long rides on bike under sunlight. You can choose X400 wind visor glasses goggles which is suitable for riding as well as for multipurpose usage, outdoor sport etc. Just make sure your goggles are of free size.

  • Product Price: Rs. 214


Helmet Walkie Talkie

Helmet Walkie Talkie

While you are riding because of the faster speed and as your face will be covered with the helmet, the communication with front and rear seat is affected. The Walkie Talkie Helmet helps you solve this problem making your journey more easy and comfortable.

  • Product Price: Rs 725

Half open face Motorcycle Protective Helmet

Motorcycle Protective Helmet

Buying half faced motorcycle will be useful in many ways. The motorcycle half open face leather helmet with sun visor goggles is a good combination during rides. The motorcycles button at rear of the helmet can fasten the strap of the goggles and the 3 buttons on front of helmet can be attached with helmet visor or variety of visors / face shields. The detachable leather scarf can be warmer in the colder days, and can be removed in warmer days.

There is a more user-friendly design for you to wear at the four seasons. High-quality Germany 709 ABS shell as outer layer

  • Product Price: Rs 390

Motorcycle Warm Heated Grip Kit Pads

Bike Handle Grip

Using Motorcycle Warm heated Grip kit pads helps your riding experience during colder weather conditions. The pads will fit under your grips without causing any loss of control during your ride. This also keeps your hands warm in cold weather.

  • Product Price: Rs 275

Bike Luggage Storage Case / Carrier Box

Bike Luggage Storage

Got some extra things to keep in your bike? You can buy the plastic motorcycle trunk luggage storage case. The carrier can be easily installed.

  • Product Price: Rs 900

PRO-BIKER Full Finger Safety Gloves

Pro Biker Safety Gloves

The PRO-BIKER MCS-01C full finger safety protection gloves is something which you will have to try. The special ergonomic design offers maximum protection for hands as well as fingers. The Pro-bike gloves have special ergonomic design with carbon fiber hard shell protection.

  • Product Price: Rs 420

Bike USB Charger Power Plug Socket

Bike USB Charger

How about fixing a USB Charger Power plug socket to your bike?

  • Product Price: Rs 440

Bike Horn Sound Security

Bike Sound Security Horn

  • Product Price: Rs 520

Moto Frosted Lamp

Frost Lamp for Bike

  • Product Price: Rs 155


Bike Tactical Half-Finger Antiskid Wearable Motorcycle Gloves

Anti Skid Half Finger Gloves for Bikes / Motorcycles

  • Product Price:  Rs 495

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