5 Reasons to choose Honda Unicorn 160cc over Gixxer 155cc

Buy Honda Unicorn 160cc over Suzuki Gixxer 155cc

Reasons to choose Honda Unicorn 160cc over Suzuki Gixxer

Reason 1: Honda is Honda

You can blindly go for choosing Honda Unicorn 160 cc – because of its brand. Honda has an impressive brand name across India.  Just step into any busy street in your city and count the number of Honda Activa vehicles which are running. Do read:  Why is Honda Activa so popular in India .

Reason 2: Service Centres

Honda is brilliant when it comes to service. Like one wiseman said – The real business begins not when the product is sold , it is when you provide continued support for the product. Service – is the thing where a customer will rejoice.

Reason 3: 160 cc Engine

If you are following up Honda bike launches closely – You must have been aware of Unicorn. Honda Unicorn is present from pretty long time with various versions and it ultimately emerged with a total brand revamp CB Unicorn. Before Honda Unicorn 160 cc launch, Honda was fully known for its Honda Unicorn 150 cc bikes.  If you ask any one who owns Honda Unicorn – He would definitely ask you to go for Honda Unicorn 160 cc. Increase in the capacity of engine means more power for your bike!

In the other hand – Suzuki Gixxer comes with 155cc engine.

Reason 4: Simple Look

Honda Unicorn 160cc has pretty good design – Simple. If you are that type of person who are not into speed biking and if you are looking for a bike for matured riding – then Honda Unicorn 160cc is the bike. The Power of Honda Unicorn is just great. Lot of things are improved from previous generation of Honda Unicorn ( 150cc) like introduction of Digital meter instead of analog, stylish LED tail lamp and advanced braking system. Check out Honda Unicorn’s Looks Good is Good Campaign

Reason 5: Mileage and Performance 

Honda CB Unicorn 160cc provides pretty good mileage: around 45-50 Kmpl. Thanks to Honda engine’s unique technology – You can feel how smooth you are riding on the street – the engine making pretty much less noise –  Do not expect the same quality of Honda from Suzuki Gixxer 155.

We hope that we did a good job to convince you to buy Honda Unicorn 160 cc over Suzuki Gixxer. You can still do a good research over internet to find out how good Unicorn 160cc is over Suzuki Gixxer.

Do check Honda Unicorn 160 cc review.

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