6 Safety Features of Ford Figo Aspire

Ford Figo Aspire, is the next compact sedan from Ford which everyone are waiting for. Ford has already created lot of buzz about this car through many pre-launch campaigns. The car is still due to be launched and is expected to hit the showrooms across India any time in June.

6 Safety Features of Ford Figo Aspire

Safety features in cars is a well-debated topic. In a country like India, people are more used to give prominence for mileage economy and looks than to their safety – so are the car manufacturers. One single car crash is enough to take a precious life away. It is still an optional feature to have safety features like Anti-lock Braking System(ABS) and Airbags in cars – while the same is mandatory in developed countries.

The upcoming Ford Figo Aspire comes with 6 safety features, which deserves applause.

6 Airbags


6 Air bags in new Ford Figo Aspire provides an all-round protection for the car. It is just not about having Air bags for the driver. In addition to front airbags, there are also airbags for front seat passenger and it offers best-in-class side and curtain airbags which provides extra protection to passengers who are seated at back seat.

Perimeter Alarm


The perimeter alarm present in Ford Figo Aspire provides a great peace of mind when the car is parked. If the system present in the car detects any unauthorised attempt to get in to the car, it triggers an alarm, flashes the headlamps, parking lamps, and activates the theft indicator present in the instrument panel of the car as well.

Hill Launch Assist


This feature is very necessary while climbing up a steep road. The Hill Launch Assist shall temporarily stop you rolling backwards when making a hill start. This functionality holds for a few seconds after you take your foot off from the brakes, giving you enough time to accelerate smoothly just like you do in normal road condition. This is a very handy feature, both when you are driving uphill or down.

High-strength Steel Cage


The stylish Ford Figo exterior comes with built-in safety equipped. The robust body structure which is constructed from high-strength steel protects you during the event of collision.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)


With Electronic Stability Program (ESP) support in the car, the system knows when you are making a sudden manoeuvre that puts your safety at risk. The system brakes individual wheels, and as well helps you get back on track. It even enhances handling on tough surfaces and traction on slippery surfaces.

Anti-lock Braking System with EBD


Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) balance brake force between front and rear wheels and prevent wheels from getting locked. You could experience greater control and stability of the car even when you stop the car in a hurry.

We think these safety features which are present in the upcoming Ford Figo Aspire, makes it a perfect safety.

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