All you need to know about Indizel [Interview]

Mr. Santosh Verma, co-founder of My Eco Energy, the man behind revolutionary Indizel fuel has answered few questions about Indizel. Mr Santosh talks about how the company has geared up towards making renewable fuel affordable and accessible to everyone.

What is Indizel all about? 

The idea behind the product Indizel is to give clean air to the citizens with the best quality of fuel. My Eco Energy aims to make renewable fuel affordable and accessible to everyone. Indizel complies with Euro 6 standards and burns cleaner than petroleum- based fuels, which results in lower emissions of carbon-monoxide, particulate matter and unburned hydrocarbons.

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How different is Indizel fuel from other fuels that are available in the market?

INDIZEL is a superior quality fuel engineered to maximize diesel engine performance. It is the cleanest and the most advanced fuel introduced in Indian Market which meets the fuel specification standards of European (EN 590) and BIS (IS 1460) Bharat stage VI collating with World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC – Worldwide Fuel Charter) category 4 requirements and later they aim to meet category 5 requirements also. It meets the emission standards of a EURO 6 diesel fuel. Indizel is made from renewable vegetable oils. It can be used within the existing infrastructure, distribution systems and engines. INDIZEL outperforms other market available diesel(s) in performance, emissions, mileage, price, and value.

Your website MyEcoEnergy talks about your product being compliant to many standards, but doesn’t talk about BS4? Can you tell us more about this?

Indizel is compliant with BS3, 4, 5 and proposed BS6
How much does Bio-diesel / Indizel cost per litre? Does it offer similar performance in vehicles as offered by normal fuels?   (Is Indizel compatible with existing diesel cars, trucks, etc. or only particular variant?)

Currently Indizel is priced 2-2.5 rupees lesser than other market prevalent diesels and will provide better performance than any other diesel fuel.

Are you operational currently? How many dealerships (pumps) do you have currently? How many are coming up in future and in what cities? 

We are in the process of setting up distribution pan India. For this purpose, we are enrolling retailers.

Where are you manufacturing the bio-diesel? Which plant?

Currently we get it manufactured by My Eco Energy in Singapore.

What is the cost involved in setting up an Indizel dealership?

 To become an MEE Retailer, you need:

Financial Capability:

  • A bank guarantee of minimum Rs.30 lakhs for the retail outlet.
  • A minimum refundable Rs.15 lakhs security deposit.

How environment friendly is Indizel (In terms of carbon emissions)?

Indizel complies with Euro 6 emission norms and burns cleaner than petroleum-based fuels, which results in lower emissions of carbon monoxide, particulate matter and unburned hydrocarbons.

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