Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS price to be cheaper than Yamaha R15?

Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS

Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS , the 200cc bike from Bajaj  is an upgrade from the already existing Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS. Bajaj has a good history in aggressively pricing any of their new launches in the market. There can be a general assumption that the new Pulsar 200 SS is going to be expensive than the previous 200 NS – Read on…

To make the right guess of price of Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS we can have look into ( which keeps track of  India’s import and export data ) . Let us take the Zauba approach and estimate the price. When we have a look at the exported unit value of Pulsar 200 SS which was sent to countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Japan and Thailand, the price is around 88,523 INR in CKD format.

The newly launched Yamaha R15  V2.0 has always been a strong rival for Bajaj’s 200 cc segment. With Yamaha R15 version 2.0 introducing new exciting colors like GP Blue and Streaking Cyan, there is a need for Bajaj to price Pulsar 200 SS competitively with Yamaha R15.

When we take into account that the cost of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS in India is around Rs 91,000  today, we can easily guess that the price of Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS could be under Rs 1.1 lakhs. This means, it will be cheaper than Yamaha R15 by about Rs 10k.

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Author: Chethan Thimmappa

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