MQB’s might become cheaper thanks to Volkswagen

Volkswagen MQB

MQB, Volkswagen’s revolutionary modular transverse engine platform has proved to be very profitable for the company. MQB aims to lower manufacturing costs through standardization. They are basic set of common parts for the cars manufactured by Volkswagen whose engines are mounted in a transverse fashion.

Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Passat are some of the cars based on MQB. MQB comes in 3 different variants with the tool kits that differ from each other. Classifying them on the basis of size, the VW Polo is build up upon MQB A0 while MQB B makes up for the base of the Passat.

Penetration in emerging markets like India hasn’t still been achieved though costs have come down by a huge margin. Combining some of its MQB models with others that will be designed at a very low-cost is one way VW aims to stay ahead of the game. They aim to build a low-cost sub-platform that will be implemented in developing economies around the world, offering benefits for both low and high cost technology.

Seven different standard modules spread over the car’s structure make up for the MQB and VW already had a plan on how to implement it. The similarities in all MQB cars are the positioning of the engine, front axle and pedal box and other standardized elements include similar suspension and engine mounting parts, resulting in huge savings.

The versatility and flexibility of MQB is what makes it different from other concepts. Adjustment in terms of Length, width, height, wheelbase, wheel size and seating position plays well to its advantage which in India will be used to manufacture lower cost cars tailor-made for the Indian market.


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Author: Arjun Ruparelia

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