Popular silencers for your Royal Enfield ( UCE Engines)

Here are some popular silencers for your Royal Enfield.


Note: Only advised to change silencer only after 5000 KM of minimum running of new UCE motorcycle.

Sonic Effects :

1) Long Bottle: Gives slow Strong and long Strokes. Bass is heavy and strong Treble Is recessed. Physically it is very long and protrudes out of chassis.

2) Short Bottle: Most close to Original Cast Iron beats, it’s very pleasant and balanced out tune, very soothing for ears, not loud. Just right, very natural.

3) Wildboar: Emphasises specially on Bass, The bass is deep, heavy and thumpy . Sound seems artificial and hurts ears when in Higher RPM’s

4) Goldstar: Gives a very Techno- Bassy tune. The sound upon hearing seems very artificial and not very soothing for ears. Treble is boosted.

5) Falcon:  Heavy tune, authentic and balanced tune interval. Non fatiguing tune.

6) Monster : Looks tiny, but gives heavy beats, and has deepest Bass of all.

7) Megaphone: Loud, fast beats, emphasized on Bass, sound is much more continuous without interval.


Technically any silencer change will affect engine’s performance, shelf life, wear-tear, efficiency.

Not to mention our valuable and non replace-able EARS! Which are more important than a silencer. Loud and harsh sounds can damage our sensitive ears easily on long runs, along with others who are listening.

There are also Traffic rules which prohibit silencers sounding above certain Decibels.

Short Bottle, Goldstar are in general time tested and are proven silencers in long run.

Rest are hard about to say because of manufacturing process, variations, brands, quality, workmanship and many more factors.

RE’s very own ‘Upswept Silencer’ which is the best looking silencer of all and is also an safe bet.


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Author: Bullet Baba

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