Top 5 Bikes with Highest Mileage in India


Top 5 Bikes with Highest Mileage in India

‘Kitna Deti Hai?’ You walk into a two wheeler showroom with almost anyone you want and the first thing they ask is,  ‘How much mileage does it give?’ Fuel prices in India are as high as the skies, so people want a bike which gives them maximum mileage with great use-ability. We being Indians have things sorted for our fellow Indians to give them an idea about 5 bikes which give the highest mileage.

1. Bajaj Platina ComforTec

The ComforTec has a claimed mileage of 104 kmpl which is really really impressive. This new bike from Bajaj has set standards in terms of mileage, offering the best in class mileage of 104 kmpl. Platina ComforTec has a 102 cc DTS-i engine which gives a power of 8.1 Bhp and a torque of 8.6 Nm. Bajaj Platina gets alloy wheels which add to the looks of this daily commuter.


Make : Bajaj

Model: Platina ComforTec

Mileage: 104 kmpl

Price: INR 48,429 ( ex-showroom Delhi)

2. Hero Splendor iSmart

iSmart has a claimed mileage of 102 kmpl. Hero Splendor being the highest sold two wheeler on the world has a new iteration to its name, being the iSmart. The iSmart technology has been adopted by Hero which turns OFF the bike in traffic while stand still and turns it ON when you just hold the clutch. This is a very innovative technology by Hero which helps them achieve a maximum of 102 kmpl on the Hero iSmart.

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Make: Hero

Model: Splendor iSmart

Mileage: 102 kmpl

Price: INR 47, 250 (Ex showroom Delhi)

3. Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100 has been around for a long time and Bajaj keeps making this bike better and better and yet, the mileage remains consistent with a maximum of 99 kmpl. This bike from Bajaj does not get DTS-i technology and still manages an outstanding mileage of 99 kmpl. DTS-i stands for digital twin spark-ignition where the engines uses dual spark plugs for maximum combustion of the fuel for better fuel economy.

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Make: Bajaj 

Model: CT 100

Mileage: 99 kmpl

Price: INR 38,034 (ex showroom Bangalore)

4. Bajaj Platina ES

Bajaj Platina gives a maximum mileage of 96.9 kmpl which makes it the third bike from Bajaj in this list. Platina ES comes as an upgraded version of the previous Platina with better looks and black alloy wheels. The mileage is not compromised and kept at a high 96.9 kmpl. It makes the same power as the Platina ComforTec and gets a DTS-i technology.

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Make: Bajaj

Model: Platina ES

Mileage: 96.9 kmpl

Price: 46, 048 ( ex showroom Bangalore)

5. Hero Splendor Pro

As mentioned earlier, world’s highest selling motorcycle must have something that makes it reach that high and that’s the mileage. Splendor Pro has a mileage of 93.2 kmpl. Hero has come up with various variants on the Splendor platform and this stands out because of its high mileage of 93.2 kmpl. This bike gets a 97.2 cc engine making 8.2 bhp which helps daily commutes.


Make: Hero 

Model: Splendor pro

Mileage: 93.2 kmpl

Price:46,537 (ex-showroom Mumbai) 

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