6 Ways to maintain your Motorbike


6 Ways to maintain your Motorbike

The happiest motorcyclists on the road are the ones whose motorcycles are maintained in a good way. Do you want to be a happy motorcyclist too? Here are 6 easy ways to maintain your bike:

1. Engine oil

The most essential part of internal combustion engine is lubrication. The engine oil is used to lubricate the internal parts of an engine which helps in smooth operation of the engine. To keep a check on the engine oil is very essential. If the oil level is down to minimum or less then minimum then the threat to the moving parts inside of an engine is very high. Without adequate engine oil and lubrication the wear and tear of the parts inside the engine will increase and reduce the life span considerably. It is very important to have the right level of engine oil at all times and change it at proper intervals to keep your bike out of trouble.


2. Air filter and spark plug

Now when a human has to breathe he has to inhale clean and fresh oxygen air to avoid problems. In the same way when a motorcycle engine has to breathe it has to keep the air entering it as clean and filtered as possible. Keeping the air filter of your motorbike clean plays a major role in keeping your engine clean and having better combustion of your fuel. The fuel in the combustion chamber needs air to burn. The cleaner the air, the better fuel efficiency of the bike. Dirty air filter results in improper combustion of fuel and decrease in the fuel efficiency of the motorbike. Keep a check on your air filter and change it when required to keep the engine of your motorbike clean and get a good fuel efficiency.

Keeping the spark plug clean helps in giving out better ignition inside the combustion chamber and burning the fuel efficiently. Having the spark plug cleaned regularly aids in better fuel economy of the bike and better combustion of the fuel.


3. Motorcycle chain

Motorcycle chain is the most ignored part in maintaining a motorcycle. Maintaining a motorcycle chain helps in delivering better power from the drive sprocket to the rear sprocket. The lubrication of the motorcycle chain helps in reducing the squeaks and helps in smooth operation of the chain on the sprockets. You need to maintain a correct chain slack for better performance of your motorbike. The chain being too tight may cause problems on the sprockets and the chain itself and if the chain is too loose then the power output to the rear wheel will decrease considerably. Make sure the rear wheel is aligned while you do this because miss aligned rear wheel will cause the sprockets to damage and wear out very fast. Lubricating the chain for every 500 kms may help in keeping the chain healthy and better performing.



4. Brakes

Regular check on the brake pads and the brake oil is very important to get the best feedback from the brakes of your motorbike. Worn out brake pads and inadequate brake oil may cause brake failure and leave you and your bike damaged for a while. Adjust the brakes to your comfort and do not make it too tight or too loose. Correct adjustment of the brakes helps in better feedback and better stopping power. Keep a check on your disc and do not allow it to rust.



5. Tyre air pressure

Having an optimum air pressure helps in keeping the motorbike’s tyres in a good condition and aids in better handling of the bike. Always check the tire pressure every once in two weeks to keep it optimum. Low tyre pressure results in high fuel consumption and bad performance of the bike. High air pressure makes for bad handling of the bike and the tyres may wear out unevenly. Always fill air to the pressure suggested by the tyre manufacturer for better results from the motorcycle tyres.


6. Keeping your motorcycle clean

If you want your bike to stand out on the road and have all eyes on your motorcycle then keeping it clean and washed is really important. A clean bike makes way for the sense of a well maintained bike. Wash your bike regularly and polish it after every wash to keep it shining and clean. When you polish the bike the dust gets attracted to it, but don’t worry its easy to just wipe it off the next day and get the bike shining again.



The best way to gain someones love is to show them how much you love them. Show your motorcycle how much you really love it and it will never disappoint you. We believe these tips were really useful and if you need to know more about ways of maintaining a motorbike, please do write to us and we will get back to you.

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Author: Nikhil Thorvat

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