Volvo to Switch Gears? Eyes on Digital Advertising & Web Sales

By SWITCHING GEARS, we by any stretch of imagination doesn’t mean ‘changing gears’ of a vehicle since the phrase may be misdirecting. Well, Volvo does make it clear to the public that they are switching gears as far as their marketing strategy is concerned by making use of new generation selling technique into good effect.

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By breaking the old school traditional ways of launching models through popular auto shows, the Swedish car maker Volvo Car Corp has planned to focus more on digital advertising and also encourage web sales for its cars in the global market which is indeed the idea of the hour if we think on a sensible note as they are a brand that doesn’t see a car distribution network without dealers in the foreseeable future. In the beginning of the year we saw Volvo making a trial run where they had offered limited number of redesigned 2015 XC90 crossover vehicles to interested customers on a specific and selected note. The idea was pretty cool as the group did receive bookings for about 1,927 units of XC90’s in just about 47 hours which does show how it went in terms of response by the public.

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Volvo is never a brand which we can whole heartedly call as a “BIG FISH”, so with the limitations they have they are playing around in the global market. So each and every move they make is so important from their point of view as they are supposed to drive more and more people to trust and buy their products for them to possibly make a mark in the global scenario.

But for the Volvo dealers it doesn’t seems to be a satisfying decision as they feel that the traditional way of marketing is the best way to do it so as to reach the masses and for the model to have the best possible sales in the limited amount of time such that sales does get increased by a large margin without a doubt. Online shopping is obviously a great advantage for a user and seller. It opens up the doors for a user to feel free and go deep into the product without much effort by just staying in their homes. So we can’t blame VOLVO to have taken such a decision. But it is yet to see how things will turn out to be for VOLVO with their decision. Keep visiting the site for further updates.

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Author: Athul S

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