2015 Mercedes Benz S Guard (S-600) launched in India at 8.9 Crores

Mercedez Benz S 600

Mercedes-Benz India has launched a luxury sedan car in its S-class dubbed Mercedes Benz S 600 Guard. The new S Guard from Mercedes Benz is armoured version of its flagship luxury S-Class sedan. The vehicle offers an occupant VR9-level of ballistics protection.

Mercedez Benz S 600 2

2015 Mercedes Benz S Guard (S-600) launched in India, priced at 8.9 Crores

The S 600 Guard from Mercedes-Benz looks exactly identical to its standard Benz S-Class. What differentiates S-600 Guard from standard S-Class is the presence of many layers of highest precision level of armoured protection under the outer body shell of the car.

The S-Guard offers a VR9-level ballistics protection for its car occupants, meaning the car can withstand many 7.62x51mm rifle rounds on different areas of the body. Such is the protection. S-Guard’s windows has a thick laminated glass with polycarbonate coating. The thickness of doors of S-Guard are slightly more ( in millimetres) when compared to the standard car. S-Guard as well comes with an underbody plating to tackle the IED threats. In order to manage the extra weight of the car, airmatic suspension has been added with stiffer and reinforced dampers.

Mercedez Benz S600 3

Coming to the interiors of the 2015 Mercedes Benz S 600 Guard, you can say the interiors match as that of regular S-Class where the seating options are in the form of 4 or 5-seat layout.

Talking about the core areas of the car like engine: The well-known Mercedes’ 6.0 litre V12 engine that puts out a maximum power of 545 bhp and delivers a peak torque of 830 Nm. The engine of S-Guard is mated to a seven speed dual clutch gearbox. The advanced Michelin PAX helps the car to even run in flat tyre condition which can be driven up to 28 kilometres with zero pressure.

Price of 2015 Mercedes Benz S 600 / Mercedes-Benz S-Guard

This super-protective, bullet proof, luxury beast has been priced at whooping 8.9 crore Indian rupees.

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