Bye Bye Datsun Go…

Datsun Go is the first car released by the Nissan under the brand Datsun. NCAP has asked to withdraw Datsun go from the Indian market as a result of crash test analysis which leads to zero safety rating. This is an order which shook the Indian automobile companies as it was the first of its kind.


NCAP says that Datsun GO has failed the crash test to our surprise so the body of the car must be redesigned. The result of the front collision test states that the body is so weak ,even adding air bags cannot save the passengers in major accidents. On the other hand, Nissan India argues that, “The GO meets required local vehicle regulations in India. The automotive regulation standards in fast-growing countries are constantly evolving and as a global manufacturer, we are willing to adapt as well.”

NCAP countered Nissan by saying “Nissan’s product is so substandard and it will never pass United Nations frontal impact regulation”. It also adds that “In these circumstances, I would urge you to withdraw the Datsun GO from sale in India (and any other markets where it is being sold), pending a redesign of the car’s body-shell to make it worthwhile to fit airbags” which is still a night mare for Nissan.

Considering the safety of our passengers,we have to give a send of to Datsun GO if it doesn’t change its infrastructure.

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