Which Type of Car suits you? Hatchback, Sedan, SUV or ….

India is a country where the traffic is pathetic and the road conditions are worse. Buying a car to drive on these roads will leave you thinking a lot. The factors like size, mileage, leg room, luggage space etc are the things that come up to mind. We’re here to educate you about the different types of car bodies that are around.  Read on…


Hatchback is a body type of the car where the back end of a car is hinged. These are easy to spot because these are the smallest cars on the road which is not too long and easy to drive around while parking these cars in small places is not a problem. These are small capacity cars ranging from an engine displacement of 600-1600cc.  Maruti’s iconic Maruti Alto 800 is the best example for a hatchback.



Sedans are cars which have a boot at the back. These are cars which have an extended rear for luggage purpose. These cars offer bigger leg room in the rear passenger seat because of the extended boot. Luggage carrying on cars like these are not a problem at all. Sedans usually come with an engine capacity of about 1200-2800cc. Driving these types of cars in the city is a problem given their long length.



SUV  stands for sports utility vehicle. SUV”s are high capacity vehicles which usually have high ground clearance. These are types of vehicles which are used on the road as well as off it. SUV’s are used for all purposes like driving on the highway, to drive around in the city or off-roading etc. These SUV’s come as 7+1 seater variants. SUV’s have a third row of seats to drive around 7- 8 people comfortably. The best examples of an SUV is the TATA Safari and Toyota Fortuner. SUV’s have high capacity engines and also feature AWD (all wheel drive) units. These engines range from around 1500-3200cc.


Pick up trucks

Pick up trucks are those which come under the category of SUV’s but do not feature a third row of seats but offer an extended open boot in the rear. These are the types of cars used for cargo transportation and heavy element transportation. These do not offer good interiors and luxury but are highlighted for the purpose of transportation and utility. Best example of this is the TATA Xenon.



LUV holds good for light utility vehicle and these types of cars are those which look like an SUV but are used for light purposes. LUVs are cars which offer a third row of seats for comfortable drives but are low on engine capacity and power. Best example of this type is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. LUV can also be classified under MPV segment (



Coupes are better known as sports cars. They are called coupes because they have just two doors. These are high engine capacity vehicles which are high on performance. The attention on these cars are mainly on styling, features and performance. These are not cars which offer rear passenger comfort. Speed enthusiasts are the ones who opt for these types of cars. Example: Ferrari 458, Porsche 911, Ford Mustang etc. Also check this Mercedes-Benz Coupe.



Convertibles are rarely seen in India. Convertibles are types of cars which have an open roof. They are cars which can be driven with or without the top roof. Convertibles are also known as Open top cars. The roofs of these cars can be folded within seconds and make the drive a WIND IN THE HAIR one. (Check BMW Mini Cooper which has a convertible version)



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Author: Nikhil Thorvat

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