Ford Mode Pro : Commercial multi-modal transport system



Details on Ford MoDe Pro

Commercial multi-modal transport system

Transit + Mode:Pro : Using Transit Connect with one or more bikes could benefit the following:

  • Couriers, for fast, efficient post and package deliveries in congested cities.
  • Tradesmen like plumbers and electricians, for small groups working together and reaching customers faster
  • Branded deliveries, for food, perishables, flowers and take-out meals delivered quicker quicker than ever
  • City services, for police, health and emergency personnel reaching any area of the city no matter what the traffic

MoDe: Link

  • App contains e-bike functions and features
  • shows navigation, route planning delivery scheduling and rider tracking
  • Displays battery charge and ride stats
  • e-bike only works paired with an authorised smartphone



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e-bike specs

  • 200 W motor with 9Ah battery
  • Speed up to 25km/h
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • High power LED lights
  • Brake and turn indicators
  • Navigation and alerts via hand grips
  • Tough, rugged construction with 20-inch wheels


Modular boxes fit on the bike’s tail-rack for transporting goods and equipment


Folding frame slots easily into Transit’s space-saving storage


Ford’s SYNC voice-activated connectivity system can show the app on the vehicle’s display.


Benefit from improved mobility in congested urban areas


Reach more customers and do more business – a van can act as carrier and support vehicle, and be combined with more than one e-bike


Fold and tow the bike indoors and through pedestrian areas


Rear-facing ultrasonic sensor warns the cyclist when a vehicle is overtaking and alerts motorists by illuminating handlebar lights.


The e-bike charges when picked in the vehicle, making it always ready for action and use.



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