Honda 2Wheeler surpasses 4.5 lac unit sales in July 2016

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Honda 2Wheeler surpasses 4.5 lac unit sales in July 2016

Backed by ever growing customer demand for Honda 2Wheelers and its additional production capacity unleashed from the fourth plant, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) broke its own sales records in July’16.

Record high total sales

For the first time, Honda 2Wheelers India, monthly sales crossed the 4.5 lac unit milestone! Honda sold a total of 453,844 units in July’16 over 389,555 unit sales in July’15.

Honda’s total 2Wheeler sales grew 17% which is nearly double that of the 9% total industry growth. Honda continues to be the 2Wheeler Industry’s No. 1 Volume gainer for 4 months in a row. What makes this more significant is that alone Honda added 302,250 new units in April-July’16 and phenomenal 46% of the new industry volumes came only from Honda 2Wheelers India!

Record high market share

Honda’s market share zoomed to all time high of 29.1% in domestic market (1% up) and 27% in total market (2% up) in July’16.

Record high scooter sales

Honda’s domestic sales too grew 16% from 371,310 units in July’15 to 429,527 units in July’16.

Led by Activa – India’s No. 1 selling two-wheeler of 2016, Honda’s automatic scooter sales crossed the 3 lac mark for the first time. Growing a robust 19%, Honda’s total automatic scooter sales stood at 309144 units.

Honda’s motorcycle sales too grew 7% from 112,096 units in July’15 to 120,383 unit sales in July’16.

Record high exports

Despite the export industry declining by -15%, Honda’s exports grew a phenomenal 33% and surpassed the previous high to create a new high at 24,317 units in July 2016.

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