Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive in Bengaluru with MTV and Chef Ranveer Brar

Mercedes-Benz Luxe Drive in Bengaluru with MTV and Chef Ranveer Brar

On February, 2018, GaadiKey was invited to attend thrilling experience of  “Mercedez Benz – Luxe Drive” in Bangalore . The event was a huge package with a combination of experience and entertainment. We got to experience all the variants of Mercedes-Benz and as well as entertained by MTV sessions and treats by Chef. Ranveer Brar.

In the past, Gaadikey had got an opportunity to experience the G Class segment of Mercedes, The Mercedes Benz GLA 220d– and The Mercedes Benz GLC 300

The Luxe Drive was divided into three segments allowing users to experience the luxury and features by giving them self driving exercises in specially designed tracks. Since we already experienced the GLA and GLC, we decided not to discover them again and chose to opt for C-Class, the GLS and the S-Class

Throttle Challenge and Anti-skid Test

In the first segment we got to experience a full throttle and break challenge with the CLA 220d, start with full throttle and break at just 50 meters, a challenge truly accepted and big thumbs up to both of us, the driver and the carrier.


The CLA is a entry level sedan with conglomeration of stability and luxury, It has a 2.2-litre diesel engine, produces 136bhp of power and 300Nm of torque. Safety wise the sedan features six airbags and gets ABS-EBD, brake assist with adaptive braking and anti skid technology.The main competitor for the CLA sedan is the Audi A3


Off Road like Thrill

In the Segment two we got to experience an off-road with the track featured for 30 degree inclination, hill hold assist and downhill regulation with air suspension, in the segment we experienced the Mercedes GLS .
It was really thoughtful of the team to place mirrors to well explain the wheel suspension in air and traction control system of GLS.

The GLS 340d is a beast and is non like it’s sibling GLC and GLA, a seven seater luxury wonder. It comes with 3.0-litre V6 diesel motor and 9-speed gearbox. It’s actions in the off road test left us wonder struck especially in the downhill controls.

Speed with Extreme Luxury

The segment three of the Luxe Drive was a power packed one with the S-Class, extreme luxury- it felt no lesser than a cruise and with the speed test, we did not even feel a tad bit discomfort.

The S-Class provides a 9 tronic auto gear with 2955 cc diesel engine producing 286 bhp and not to forget about the safety, just like all its luxuries it comes inbuilt with all the safety features

Although we got to just to experience the luxe drive, it is not possible to give a verdict without a complete hands on.

Even for kids, specially to mention various video games were organised to keep them entertained while the parents were busy with their Merc experience. The event was like none before and all appreciates and applauds to the Merc team to the way the event was pulled off, before ending our experience we got to see the wide range of merchandise by Mercedes-Benz.


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Author: Varsha

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