Suggestions for buying 500 cc Royal Enfield bike


  • The only having an carburetor in 500cc category.
  • Robust performance and maximum reliability amongst all.
  • Comfortable for medium and tall riders.
  • Includes Disk brake and Self start.

Upgrade from the STD 350 : The definition of power, reliability and ruggedness. My second favorite in the RE lineup. Has touring capability regardless of the path you choose. The Standard can take it all like a man.

Classic/Chrome/Desert Storm:

  • Specifically suitable for short and medium riders.
  • Not suitable for longer journeys.
  • Attractive Retro 1950’s Design.

Though I do not have the old school ‘emotional-attachment’ towards the Classic; But the Classic has an very attractive and eye-catching design. It is the best ride for shorter RE enthusiasts. For all riders from 5 ft to 5.8 ft height. Not suitable for long journeys.

I find Classic Chrome particularly attractive with its colour scheme. All three [Chrome/DS/CL] share the same engine.

With EFI technology for the 500’s performance is much more linear, but not very stable or reliable, due to its poor implementation.



  • Specifically comfortable for longer highway journeys.
  • Suitable for medium and tall riders.
  • Not recommended for short riders and city traffic.
  • Includes advanced features: HID headlamps, dual disk brakes, fuel meter and tachometer.

TB500 is a Cruiser God! Smoothly churns the miles. No hint of discomfort. Touring capability. Special HID Headlamps are a bliss at night along with added fuel and tachometers. Extra safe and stable due to dual disk brakes. However, Too cumbersome for city rides. Slightly unreliable due to the Electronic Fuel Injection mechanism involved. However If you are okay with EFI, then TB500 is the best cruiser you can get in India!


Continental GT 535cc:

  • Remake of the original Café Racer. Retro-Racing design,
  • Recommended only for moderately tall people.
  • Most powerful amongst all Royal Enfield’s.
  • Not suitable for cruising.

Now we are talkin bou’t them drag racin! That’s what C-GT is made for. The GT sheds off its Traditional Royal Enfield behavior, and is ready to take on anybody who dares to challenge you. Has minimal comfort. It’s a 535 mill, has maximum power of all. Dual disk brakes for adequate braking.

C-GT is a masterpiece, for those love and appreciate it. It is very popular amongst British Retro-Motorcycle Enthusiasts.

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Author: Bullet Baba

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