Which 350cc Engine Royal Enfield to buy?

Dear Thumpers and Enthusiasts,
This article speaks briefly about one of the most frequently asked question “which Royal Enfield to buy”
After a long thought, I have decided to pen down in brief of what I think and recommend of the Royal Enfield lineup.

Before you start reading this article, you need to have pre-requisite knowledge about colour, waiting time, price, availability and service facilities at your location.


1)    Employs heavier crankshaft: same as 500cc ones.

2)    Doesn’t have front disk brake or self start.

3)    Comfortable for medium and tall riders.

4)    Not recommended for short riders.

5)    Closest feeling of riding a Cast Iron Bullet.

STD 350 is my personal favorite amongst current lineup of RE, due to its elegant original Bullet design and looks and the old school slow-braking feeling, along with heavier crank which adds to slow speed chugging capability. Runs like a charm when compared to others in 350 category. But the elegant Standard 350 is also risk-prone, as it lacks an front disk brake.



1)    Comfortable for medium and tall riders.

2)    Suits for both long and city rides.

3)    Simple design, yet reliable.

4)    Includes Disk brake and self start.

Feels like driving an Bullet Electra with latest technology. Slightly better acceleration than the Standard, but top end is better in the Standard. Practically, Its ‘Modern Standard’ The Electra inherits design and comfort of the standard, Yet including safety features such as Front Disk brake and Self start.



1)    Specifically suitable for short and medium riders.

2)    Not suitable longer journeys.

3)    Attractive Retro 1950’s Design.

Though I do not have the old school ‘emotional-attachment’ towards the Classic; But the Classic has an very attractive and eye-catching design. It is the best ride for shorter RE enthusiasts. For all riders from 5 ft to 5.8 ft height. Taller rides, please steer clear. Not suitable for long journeys. Infamous for its uncomfortable pillion seat.



1)    Specifically comfortable for longer highway journeys.

2)    Suitable for medium and tall riders.

3)    Not recommended for short riders and city traffic.

4)     Includes advanced features: HID headlamps, dual disk brakes, fuel meter and tachometer.

TB350 the Cruiser king! Smoothly churns the highways. No hint of discomfort. Touring capability. Special HID Headlamps are a bliss at night, along with added fuel and tachometers. Extra stable due to dual disk brakes. However, Its cumbersome for city rides.

TB 350 Is comfortable uptill the speed of 80 on highways. After that, slight vibrations creep in. If you choose to cruise above the speeds of 80 regularly, you may prefer the TB500 more.


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Author: Bullet Baba

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