10 Car Accessories that costs you less than Rs 300

In today’s world, Car has become a luxurious and prestigious aspect for each individual, at the same time it provides the freedom and comfortability while travelling. Since Car itself is a comfortable vehicle, its accessories will also contribute for the same by fulfilling our requirement. We spend lakhs together to buy a Car, it shouldn’t be matter of just spending upto Rs. 300 in order to maintain and to make your Car look stylish.

Top 10 Car Accessories Under Rs 300

Let’s now have a look into the best 10 accessories for just Rs. 300:

Non-Slip Mat

Non Slip Mat Car Accessory

Holding phones in our hands would be safer and it can be best accessible to people anytime anywhere. But not in case of driving your car, you might be unwilling to place your phone in the slippery region which in turn causes damage to your expensive phone and also in the worst case it might damage your windscreen. This is where Non-Slip mats are in use which acts as a magnetic shield and attracts the objects placed on it. Attach it to dashboard for easy accessibility.


Seat back pockets

Haven’t heard of this before? This bag can be attached to your front seat which has tons of storage pockets, any kind of items can be stored depending on the size of the pockets. This will usually help during long Car trips and keeps your car away from unwanted messy items. Can be easily removed if not required at times.

Foldable cup holders

For all cars travelling will be fun with foldable car travel dining tray / rack / bottle holder,with this product you can not only keep small bottles in place while traveling but you can also enjoy your meals on the go with ease. And later to avoid disturbance it can be folded.

Air Freshener

Should your car smell good? If Yes, buy an air freshener which creates a wonderful fragrance which in turn helps in making the ambience wonderful and fresh. It eliminates undesired odour and portrays positive frame of mind. Use the fresheners which gives the natural smell that soothes the mind.

Tyre pressure gauge

It might look expensive or inappropriate, but in reality it is one the most suitable device for the car users. During long drives this would really help in case of tyre puncture, release button holds the value until the button is pressed and increases the gas mileage by ensuring correct pressure in the tyre. Keeping tyres inflated at right pressure is absolutely necessary. Think wisely and use tyre pressure gauge before long drives.

Neck Cushion

Neck or body pains usually occur if your car seats are not properly designed. Comfortable driving would burst your stress and helps to enjoy your drive. Different colors can be chosen which can be added as a decorative to your car. It mainly aims at providing the proper posture for body during the drive.

Car cleaning cloths

When you have an important event and your looks messy in addition you are not willing to wash the car. Do not worry! It just takes few minutes to clean your car with this cloths. Since its a soft puffy cloth it removes the dust in seconds and makes your car looks shiny without the use of any hard chemicals.

5-in-1 Multi purpose tool

Since it’s not your accommodation you cannot have all the items in car and if so, it consumes lot space. In Order to avoid such situation the Multi-Purpose tool was introduced which helps in for the emergency purpose. It comes with a flashlight, emergency hammer and seatbelt cutter, and even blinking LEDs. It rescue from accidents, it is precisely fit for outdoor activities and home use

Silicone Cover for key fobs

The key fob cover acts as a protective shield and exact identifier. An identifier, because it helps to identify the exact lock,unlock,horn,hold keys which avoids from chaos. Such covers will protect from wearing and tearing of the key.

USB Charger

Cell phone users know that there is nothing more frustrating than a low battery alert in the middle of a busy day. Most people need their phones to be functional at all times, as they are integral to communication with friends, family members, and colleagues. To avoid such situation USB charger plugin’s introduced to make use of your phone for any purpose especially during drive.

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Author: Sheeju Diana

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