Hyundai Sonata Limited 2015 is sweetening the Deal for Hyundai Lovers



Hyundai’s Sonata became a threat to cars like Camry and Accord in 2009, since then Sonata has come a long way and is ready to dazzle Hyundai fans in 2015. Sonata has always been this “Hyundai” looking car, it just didn’t look that handsome! However, it’s a whole different story with the new Sonata.

On this limited edition, there are optional features such as a BIG panoramic roof. One of the most noteworthy feature was hands down the automatic trunk un-locker. All you have to do is walk to the back of the car with the key in your pocket and stand there, the car will do the rest for you. The trunk will open up automatically in 3 seconds.

Under the hood, the Sonata has continued as 4-cylinder, what is interesting though is that the horsepower and torque have come DOWN a little. Horsepower has been brought down to 185 (down 5) and torque to 178 (down 1). You will not see any turbos, break energy regeneration or auto start/stop, the power train has been kept pretty simple and straightforward.

Hyundai has put up a pretty heavy steering wheel as compared to the modern cars with extremely fluent steering, possibly to give the car a feeling of more mass and quality driving. The power band is well-placed, and the quietness of the car deserves appreciation. All in all, the new Sonata is sure to tempt you in more than several ways.

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Author: Arjun Ruparelia

Arjun is a student entrepreneur and a passionate writer. He has written on a wide array of topics. He enjoys venturing into subjects he hasn't written about and obtaining a substantial amount of information. This helps him generate insightful content, that keeps a reader engaged.

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