Maruti Suzuki creates new milestone by selling 5 Million Swift cars worldwide

Maruti Swift Glory Edition Front

Maruti Suzuki creates new milestone by selling 5 Million Swift cars worldwide

Swift is the car from Maruti Suzuki which got launched in the year 2014 and found an instant success. The Swift is not only successful in India but also across different countries worldwide. After a long journey of over eleven years and 5 months the Swift is till now the best seller for Suzuki ( called as Maruti Suzuki in India) and has managed to clock a cumulative worldwide sales of whooping 5 million units.

So, What is so special about Maruti Suzuki Swift? The Suzuki Swift gets its attention through its quirky round looks, peppy nature as well as reliable build which are the key factors for it to become one of the biggest selling cars. The car is also known for its low cost of ownership.

Over the years, Maruti Suzuki Swift has managed to keep its fair share and has built a loyal fan base.


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is just not produced in India but also in other countries like Japan, Hungary, China, Pakistan and Thailand. The Swift has a diverse market and is exported to more than 140 countries. The 5 million milestone itself shows the phenomenal success of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Swift accounts for over 30% of Suzuki India’s total annual sales. Out of the 5 million Swifts sold, 54 % of the sales happened in India, 17% from Europe, 10% from Japan and the remaining countries accounted for the rest.

Here is a timeline of Swift’s journey over the years:

  • November 2004: First-generation Swift as a world strategic model is released and launched in Japan
  • February 2005: Production begins in Hungary
  • May 2005: Production begins in India
  • June 2005: Production begins in China
  • November 2005: Swift wins 2006 RJC Car of the Year and 2005–2006 Japan Car of the Year Special Award ‘Most Fun’ prize in Japan
  • May 2007: Production begins in Malaysia
  • June 2008: Cumulative worldwide production reaches one million units
  • November 2009: Production begins in Pakistan
  • September 2010: New (second-generation) Swift is launched in Japan
  • November 2010: New Swift wins 2011 RJC Car of the Year in Japan
  • January 2011: Cumulative worldwide sales reach two million units
  • March 2012: Production begins in Thailand
  • January 2013: Cumulative worldwide sales reach three million units
  • January 2014: Production begins in Vietnam
  • August 2014: Cumulative worldwide sales reach four million units
  • April 2016: Cumulative worldwide sales reach five million units


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