Triumph Bonneville T100 – Ten Things you need to Know

Triumph Bonneville T100 – Ten Things you need to Know

Established in 1902, Triumph celebrated their 110 years for motorcycle manufacture in 2012. Triumph is known to make iconic bikes that perfectly blend authentic design, character, charisma and performance. Inspired by the legendary ’59 Bonneville, Triumph has just launched the Triumph Bonneville T100 in India. This new baby (T100) from Triumph is to be placed between the Bonneville Street Twin and the Bonneville T120. If you are planning on getting this baby for yourself, here are 10 things you need to know about:

1. Less Heavy

The new Bonnie from Triumph is said to be lighter than the T120. The T120 weighing 224 kgs (dry) proved to be quiet heavy for most of the motorcyclists owning a T120. The new T100 being less heavier than the T120 gives people a choice to choose between the T100 and the T120. Classic bikes such as the Bonneville weighing less comes as a good advantage for people opting to buy them.


2. USB charging socket

Riding long distances or making that one day ride with your phone in full charge all the time is really tough. Triumph comes up with a solution to counter just that. T100 comes equipped with a USB charger to help you keep your phone on full charge at all times. You do not have to afford that after market charging accessory now, if you get the T100.


3. 900 cc Engine

Triumph Bonneville comes with a parallel twin, 900 cc engine which is capable of producing 55 bhp of power. Specifically tuned to achieve much higher torque much lower down, it produces a peak torque figure of 80Nm at 3200 rpm – an increase of 18% on the outgoing Bonneville T100 for a more thrilling and engaging ride.


4. New Chassis and suspension set-up

T100 model comes with new chassis and suspension set-up which significantly enhances comfort levels for the rider giving a better overall riding experience whether for long distance journeys, every day use or with a pillion. How good are these two? We wait to find out.


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5.  Longer Suspension

Other than getting new suspension set-up, the T100 features a unique longer rear suspension unit and cartridge front forks which work together to offer the rider an engaging yet easy-going riding experience. In addition to that, T100 also has shorter wheelbase, rake angle and trail. This is done by triumph to improve the handling of the new Bonnie.


6.  Comes with three colors

The Bonneville T100 comes in three classically inspired (color) schemes:

  1.   Aegean Blue and Fusion White with hand painted coach lines
  2.   Intense Orange and New England White with hand painted coach lines
  3.   Jet Black.

The Aegean Blue and Fusion white with hand painted coach lines being my personal favorite.


7. Extended service interval

Sometimes buying a big expensive bike can be easy but servicing it and maintaining it every now and then is a problem. T100 gets an extended service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000km) which dramatically reduces the overall cost of ownership.


8. High fuel economy

A cutting-edge liquid cooling system, carefully integrated into the distinctive character of the Bonneville, reduces fuel emissions and significantly improves fuel efficiency by up to 29%. Now that is a serious advantage.


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9. Features

Triumph Bonneville T100 gets twin-pod LCD instrument cluster that has an analog speedometer, analog tachometer, odometer, 2 trip meters,  gear indicator, fuel gauge etc. The instrument cluster of Bonneville T100 also displays average and current fuel consumption, traction control and throttle mode status as well. The T100 gets Ride by wire and ABS also which helps you push the Bonnie to the maximum and also be safe while doing that. Cruise control and heated grips are available as accessories.


10. Detailing

The Bonneville T100 features a wealth of classically inspired detailing and stunning chrome finishes including high-value brushed aluminium covers, classic bolt-on Triumph badges unique to this model, and deep chrome mirrors, mudguard stays, handlebars and headlight bezel.


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Quality combined with quantity makes the T100 a great motorcycle to buy for riding around in the city and short distance highway cruising.

Triumph Bonneville T100 Specs

To conclude, have a look at the specification sheet of Bonneville T100:

Spec Sheet of Triumph Bonnevelli T100


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