Maruti Suzuki NEXA Experience for Premium Car Buyers


Maruti Suzuki Nexa Experience – Premium Showrooms for Premium Car Buyers

The Indian Automobile industry has come a long way and today it isn’t just about delivering cars but it is about delivering enhanced experiences! Much of this mirrors the rising aspirations of emerging Indians.
With customers today having a taste for great service, professionalism, convenience and above all a personal touch, it’s all about delivering something special to them.

It is in this regard that NEXA will set new benchmarks for the Automobile Industry.

What then is NEXA and how did it come about?

The genesis of NEXA lies in Maruti Suzuki being always close to its customers. What came across from customer surveys was that in an evolving India, there is a set of customers that expect a different experience when it comes to buying a car. While the existing retail channel of Maruti Suzuki is a benchmark of customer satisfaction and a source of competitive advantage there is a different set of aspirational customers who are accustomed to a finer experience in buying a car of their choice.


NEXA is being launched with this express goal of providing a different and exciting experience to a demanding set of customers. These new customers have new expectations and the only way to meet their aspirations is to deliver an entirely new experience which not only delights them but is also an industry first.
Therefore, NEXA will deliver a ‘new premium’ automotive experience for its discerning customers on the pillars of Pampering, Innovation, Global Standards and Reliability. At NEXA, the customer will have the right to expect better.

NEXA is the first of its kind breakthrough modern retail channel being launched by MSIL and will have an exclusive network of new age automotive showrooms across India. These showrooms will offer a new range of premium vehicles separate from the existing sales channel of Maruti Suzuki.

Customers to the fore

Who then are these customers for whom NEXA is being launched?
Comprising of young Indians who are increasingly global citizens and have achieved success early in life, the clientele at NEXA will be digitally savvy and avid users of contemporary technologies, including social media. They are well travelled, well read and have bought a car before – their aspirations and expectations mirror their rising success in life. They are used to style and convenience and believe in nothing short of best in class services when it comes to a buying experience.

The NEXA experience

At NEXA, the customer gets a truly special feeling. Be it the décor, the ambience or the services provided, NEXA is truly out of the ordinary in it being global, innovative and in delivering a pampered experience to the customer.
As one steps into a NEXA store, what strikes first is the ambience. The elegant, premium and dynamic feel creates anticipation, builds a solid first impression and promises a superb experience. Luxury Lounges and Infotainment Systems will add to an exclusive feel at a NEXA store.


However, what really sets NEXA apart is the combination of pampering with technology. Each customer at a NEXA store will be aided by a personal relationship manager who will aid in the buying process and ensure a smooth experience. Bringing the best from the service industries, the relationship managers will be the single point of contact for the customer and will ensure that be it a buying decision or a servicing requirement, the entire process is smooth and hassle free.

At NEXA, technology will be the other name of convenience – while wall mounted display connected to iPads give you all the information on the automotive industry, smartphone applications reduce paper work. If upon entering a NEXA store a customer wishes to view competition models, a touch on an iPad connected to a wall mounted display enables an informed buying decision.

The great experience doesn’t end with the customer driving out of a NEXA store. The same high quality of services will be extended for the entire duration of the relationship with the customer. This is especially true of after sales support where the customer has the choice of either a mobile workshop van visiting his or her home, a pick and drop service or the visit to a service center.

Watch the Maruti Suzuki’s New Nexa Experience TVC Below

NEXA is being launched with this desire to deliver a superb and industry first experience to a demanding set of customers. It is not just a metro story – by the close of the financial year, more than 100 NEXA dealerships will be open in more than 30 Indian cities.

R S Kalsi who is the executive director of sales and marketing at Maruti Suzuki said,

The new channel is aimed at offering a very personalised experience of today’s evolved buyers and we think S Cross is an ideal product to offer NEXA experience

Maruti Suzuki is already working on setting up new Nexa Experience zones by scouting at high streets like Phoenix Mills in Mumbai, Brigade Road of Bengaluru and Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills.

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